Sniffing the smell of queer_pedagogy

notes from our working chat

D: bitter
N: wet and soapy
H: sweetsour
D: delicious
N: surprising
K: Like cumin, cinnamon and suprices
S: like herbal tea
X: Smells like a cookie still in the making
M: smells like cake :)
U: like a hot dark coffee
D: surprising
X: confusion
K: un-learning
N: institution
D: intergenerational
H: curiosity
X: multiperspectivity
K: personal, inviting
D: transformative
H: yo / I
X: entanglements
M: yuxtaposition
U: twist
H: bodies
N: en movimiento
M: connection
D: messy
M: relajo
U: feelings
X: Power mixing with desire
H: risas
U: situations
D: perdido
U: sabrosura
D: Queer feelings now!
H: Messy bodies twisting
M: Relajo en las aulas ya!
N: transformative situations now
H: risas en movimiento con sabrosura

And what about the tasting tongue?

X: Dive into the messy!
U: sabrosos multiperspectivy entanglements
D: Intergenerational confusion is sabrosura
K: יאללה בלאגן. בקוויר
H: messy connections YA
U: :)
H: *chat
K: another way of seeing
X: becoming animal
K: queer is such a tricky term
D: it's all weird in a queer way
U: the tongues is an organ to "see", to know about the full body
N: with covid the experience of flavor has changed for some people
K: ORGANic :) Like a wild tongue